Why are we moving in a van?

What if you had a dream?
What would you do to realize it?
What if you the dream finally comes true?
What if it turned out better than you excepted?

Australia, 2012

I wasn’t really familiar with the camper van community back in 2012. I had traveled in Europe before, however only with cars but never with a camper van.

When I started traveling in Australia, we (my that time travel buddies) somehow didn’t think of any other transportation way than a van. Those long roads and the choice to camp where ever you like. That was freedom to me.

I came to love this way of traveling, and I missed it every second when I wasn’t. I was always daydreaming that one day soon I will hit the road again, and discover all the countries where I han’t been yet.

Long story short.

Last year (2018), after just moving in with Karl we started renovating our apartment. It appeared that we work well as a team and hold strong under pressure. After the renewing, I asked him if he would be up for another adventure. He, of course, said YES.

You see, this lifestyle doesn’t fit everyone, it’s not always that fantastic as it showed on #vanlife. Most of the time you think of your next sleeping spot, where to go to the toilet, when will you have your next shower and so on. It’s a challenge but so is your everyday life.

Ask yourself a couple of questions.
Are you willing to live in the present and enjoy every single day?
Are you willing to let go of your past and stop living in the future?
Are you willing to ignore society’s expectations?
Are you willing to live without your material possessions?
Are you willing to let money buy you memories that last forever?
Are you willing to find the real you?
Are you willing to drive without any clear destination and still be happy?

If you are willing to open yourself up to possibilities, you will find harmony and endless oppertunities.
Also, be ready for the astonishing memories like in these photos:

Australia 2012

Austria 2018