Everything is connected.
Even the tiniest acts add up to significant changes.
VintageRoos is a creative agency located in Europe. We work remotely while traveling with our 2 dogs. Our lifestyle is our inspiration and meal provider. We love to work with companies who we admire and respect. We want to work with you to make this world a better place.
Advertising influences the way we consume products. Our mission is to help your clients to make better choices for them and this world.
Meet the vintage squad
As a team, we deliver result-driven marketing solutions for our clients.
I’m a vegetarian and animal rights activist. My biggest hobby is travelling.
Sydney likes people and cuddling. His biggest hobby is exploring new places.
Newton is always ready for action. He loves to play, and his biggest hobby is chasing Sydney.
I’m a person with many talents. My biggest hobby is to find new adventures.
This is how it all started

While living in Australia Berit created an Instagram account called VintageRoos to keep a photo diary of her travels. The name VintageRoos comes from a combination of love for everything vintage and her surname Roos, which means the flower rose in English.

When moving back to Estonia, she created the VintageRoos website, which was an online portfolio offering freelance marketing services. After uniting with Karl, they decided to take VintageRoos to the next level and rebranded it as a creative agency. The new logo was handwritten by Berit’s grandmother as a gesture for her unconditional support to us. The brand represents everything that we care about: travel, nature, design, art, and architecture.

I’ve been working in marketing for more than ten years. One of the first companies I worked with was Red Bull as a brand ambassador. It was a good starting point for my career due to its global scale.

During my university years, I also studied human psychology and spent one semester in Spain. My interest in other cultures and traveling took me to Australia, where I lived for four years. I was fortunate to work with many talented people and companies in Sydney.

All these different experiences, cultures, have formed my work techniques and methods.

When I plan a campaign or build a brand, I always think first of all about the social aspect. I imagine a story in my mind, and then I put the idea on paper. When you see all the forms of reality, you see the magic.

Have a look at my LinkedIn account for my resume.

Everything is connected. Even the tiniest acts add up to significant changes.
To give a voice to those who want to transform the world for the better.
We deliver original and leading marketing solutions.

17 years ago, I took a summer job at a media company where I got my first preview of graphic design and marketing. I understood, because of my talent in painting and my passion for photography, that this was the right direction for me. My professional career began fourteen years ago when I took on the role of a junior designer at a marketing agency.

After some time, I wanted to progress in my career and therefore joined the largest furniture manufacturing company in Estonia. I was the leader of the marketing department and in charge of event marketing and fairs, which took me all around the world. The past years I have worked for Skeleton Technologies who aims to change the energy storage industry.

In the next chapter of my life, I want to work with companies and people who want to change this world for the better, and VintageRoos is the perfect platform to carry out that mission.

Check out my LinkedIn account for my resume.